At Persistence, we embrace the idea of owning fewer things, but choosing them wisely.

We transparently source our leather, work with suppliers who adhere to our strict quality guidelines, and use heritage construction techniques to ensure that our products will last. 

Every step of our process takes into account the impact we have on the Earth. We don't want to put products out into the world that take a toll. Our guiding light when choosing materials is: Would we let our kids work with this?

It means we don't spray our brass hardware with clearcoat sprays, but rather use natural waxes.

It means we don't finish our leathers with synthetic treatments, but rather beeswax and natural oils. 

It means no harmful chemicals in our workshop. 

It means we use real vegetable tanned leather instead of chrome tanned or vegan (polyurethane) leathers. This full grain, minimally processed cowhide is a byproduct of the meat industry and doesn’t rely on toxic chromium salts in the tanning process. Instead, vegetable tanning uses natural, plant-derived compounds in a centuries-old process that is safer for you and safer for the Earth.

We know that by taking the time to purchase high-quality, thoughtfully crafted, and sustainably sourced products, each of us holds the power to reduce our global impact and minimize unnecessary waste.

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